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Kiley Cooke, BA: Video

Kiley Cooke, BA

Group Facilitator

Case Manager

Adolescent Interventionist

Kiley was born in Phoenix, Arizona, and moved to Ocean City, Maryland at a young age where
she spent the rest of her childhood and began her adult life. She could be found at the beach
during the summer or bundled up rollerblading the boardwalk during the off-season. Growing
up in a small-town Kiley was exposed to how drug and alcohol use affects many people’s lives.
She experienced a personal impact of addiction with close friends and family and that is what
started her passion for wanting to help others who are being impacted as well.

Kiley completed her associate degree at Wor-Wic Community College. Shortly after, she took
the opportunity to travel down the east coast to Florida and become acquainted with the
warmer weather and the beautiful Florida beaches. After adjusting to the Florida lifestyle, Kiley
decided to continue her education at the Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). She then earned her
bachelor’s degree in psychology and graduated Magna Cum Laude with a 3.6 GPA. She focused
a majority of her classes around child advocacy which lead to her completing the Child Advocacy
Studies Training Program (CAST). Also, while working towards her bachelor’s degree Kiley
completed an internship at a local behavioral health center that specializes in treating children
with autism and related disorders. Her desire for working with children began at a young age
when she spent a lot of time with her mom who was a dedicated elementary school teacher.
As Kiley reached the tail end of her bachelor’s degree, she took a job working with the
Department of Children and Families. This provided a lot of insight into legal and clinical case
management and allowed Kiley to get a better understanding of her upcoming career choices.

Kiley is empathetic, positive, open-minded, and eager to lend a helping hand or ear to those that
need it. Kiley plans to attend graduate school in the near future to further her mental health
education while focusing on children and advocating for others.

Kiley Cooke, BA: TeamMember
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