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Meet The Founder

Drew started his journey in behavioral health, long before he even realized it, as a child growing up with a single mother diagnosed with co-morbid medical, mental health, and substance use disorders. When he was nine years old, Drew's mother, Linda, was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease and later developed interstitial lung fibrosis. Subsequent to receiving her medical diagnosis, Drew's mother developed Major Depressive Disorder along with preexisting Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. Drew was later exposed to his mother's maladaptive coping in the form of Alcohol Use Disorder.  Throughout childhood and adolescence, Drew experienced a significant amount of emotional, mental, physical, interpersonal, and family systems trauma.  Not knowing how to cope, Drew began experimenting with alcohol, following in his mother's and other family members' footsteps. He began experiencing interaction with the legal system and other social and educational conflicts. 

When Drew was eighteen years old, his mother finally lost her battle with Cancer. At the time she passed away, Drew had not spoken to his mother for a significant amount of time. Shortly after, Drew's Grandfather passed away. Being eighteen, a bartender at the time, and unable to adequately cope with the associated trauma, guilt, and shame, Drew fell into a lifestyle of partying, drinking, and fighting. The trauma, paired with associated behaviors, led to depression, anxiety, self-harm, and other mental health and behavioral challenges. 

After experiencing multiple interactions with the legal system, including county jails and one short stint in State prison, Drew decided he wanted something better - something more than this life. During his final interaction with the legal system, with the help of his attorney, now a dear colleague, Drew agreed to engage in a Department of Corrections Dual Diagnosis Residential Treatment Program. While in treatment, Drew obtained his Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology from the College of Central Florida. He later enrolled with Saint Leo University where he completed a Bachelor of Arts in Human Services and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. After gaining some experience in the field as a Bachelor Level Therapist with the same treatment center he once attended as a patient, Drew enrolled in Graduate School at Webster University where he obtained a Master's in Clinical Mental health Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy. 

After seven years working in a variety of modalities within the field, both as a Primary Therapist and Program Director, Drew started Beachside Recovery Interventions + Consulting out of necessity. BRIC was started out of a need to help families and their loved ones appropriately navigate a system that is inherently broken, and that is what Drew and the BRIC team continue to do daily. 

Thank you for the potential opportunity to work with you and your family toward healing.

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Our Vision + Purpose

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The BRIC Purpose

Beachside Recovery Interventions + Consulting (BRIC) is dedicated to providing ethically driven substance use, mental health and crisis-intervention, consultation, case conceptualization, family support, peer support, wrap-around clinical case management, qualified substance use and mental health assessment, mitigation, and expert witness services to individuals and families experiencing barriers to leading their most empowered and fulfilling lives. We aid in helping patients to deconstruct their previous unhealthy narrative, and externalizing problems, and become empowered to begin rewriting their story. We maintain a person-centered approach utilizing the individual's strengths, needs, abilities, and preferences in the here and now to conceptualize and connect with realistic, viable, and clinically appropriate services based on presenting symptoms and criteria. We collaborate with only the preeminent clinicians and facilities in the field and hold ourselves accountable, consistent with our highest standards and expectations.

The BRIC Vision

We at Beachside Recovery Interventions + Consulting (BRIC) maintain a specific vision and duty to significantly disrupt the social stigma associated with mental health and substance use disordered treatment through exhibiting integrity, authenticity, transparency, and advocacy in all that we do. We are here to reinstall credibility to the field through education and insight. We strive to help families appropriately navigate through and disrupt the dangerous and unethical bullshit that occurs within the industry including, but not limited to, patient brokering, insurance fraud, and human trafficking; moreover, we aim to restore integrity to the treatment services industry by building and collaborating with a cohort of ethical, professional, and qualified providers.

Finally, we hope to act as a catalyst and movement to spread the message that it is "Ok to not be ok."

"The world I believe in is one where embracing your light does not mean ignoring your dark."

 - Kevin Breel

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1640 Florida A1A Suite C and D, Satellite Beach, FL 32937

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