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Reece Connor

Adolescent Peer Support Specialist  
Adolescent Interventions 

Reece, a Melbourne, Florida native, has a story beginning in his 7 th grade year when he started casually using drugs with friends. That quickly escalated into using drugs alone to self-medicate anxiety and depression while also isolating from family and friends. After a Baker Act for suicidal ideation (including one attempt), failing grades, skipping classes, faked drug screens and stealing from his parents, the full extent of his abuse came to light and Reece completed inpatient residential rehab.

While he was away, Reece’s mom heard Drew speak on a podcast and arranged for Reece to begin working with him upon his release. Reece believes acknowledging mental health issues is where the real power is and where the change starts. Honesty and openness – with yourself and others -- are vital for sobriety and living the best life that comes with it. He is grateful for the opportunity to share with others and also for the opportunity to be someone to listen.

Reece's primary responsibilities include aiding on adolescent transports and sober escort, peer support for adolescents, adolescent interventions, and guest speaking.

In his free time, Reece enjoys spending time with family and friends and working out. 

Reece Connor: TeamMember
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