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Beachside Recovery

Center for Trauma + Anxiety

Introducing our new, boutique style program focusing on complex trauma and associated personality traits. Our distinctive method not only ensures accessibility but also guarantees individualized care tailored to the patients specific needs.

Dialectal Behavior Therapy,
a True DBT Center

The main goals of DBT are to teach people how to live peacefully in the moment, develop healthy coping strategies to deal with stress, regulate their emotions, and improve relationships with others.

The term "dialectal" comes from the idea that integrating two opposites - acceptance and change, will generate better results than either one alone.

You Can Depend on Us

Field Experience

Our team consists of an extensive and diverse wealth of professional counseling experience, with several years of dedicated service in the field.

Consulting Experience

We work collaboratively as a team and continue fostering strong partnerships with esteemed members of the community.

Individualized Treatment Programs

We understand that each patient is unique, so we tailor our treatment plans to meet individual needs.


Program Features

Psychoeducational Groups

Interpersonal Effectiveness
Distress Tolerance
Mindfulness + Coping Skills
Seeking Safety
Assertive Communication

Healthcare Coordination

Medication Management

Consistent Interaction

Daily Contact
Weekend Check-In Calls
Case Management

Mindfulness Therapy

Surf Therapy
Art Therapy

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