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Stephen Sundquist

Peer Support Specialist | Interventionist

Adult and Adolescent

Like Drew, Stephen has seen the ugly side of the treatment industry first hand.  Their missions are very much aligned - to get patients where they need to be, through appropriate assessment and case conceptualization, to enhance the potential for the patient to meet maximum therapeutic gains.  Drew and Stephen rely heavily on one another when assessing how to help a patient and what facility may be the best fit due to them both having extensive relationships in the field.  Stephen is an advocate for not only his patients, but for the mental health and substance use industry as a whole, and hopes to restore integrity and ethics to an industry that is broken and has been severely compromised

When he is not working his day job or helping with BRIC, Stephen enjoys spending time with his wife and children, spending time with fam ily and friends, fishing, playing golf, playing baseball, attending his local Church, volunteering, and doing speaking engagements around the greater Tampa Bay area. 


Get to know Stephen a bit more by clicking the You Tube video below. 

Stephen is a Graduate of River Ridge High School, in New Port Richey, Florida, who had a promising baseball career until he developed a severe Opioid addiction. Stephen shares his story in hopes of the potential to help one person to change their life for the better. Since his sobriety date of March 1, 2017, Stephen has dedicated his life to helping individuals struggling with substance use disorders to achieve freedom from their addictions. Stephen has been featured on ABC Action News, WFLA, and has shared his story throughout the State of Florida. Stephen currently works as Clinical Outreach for a treatment center on the west coast of Florida. 

Drew first met Stephen when he came to Florida Counseling Centers, where Drew was working as a Primary Therapist, to present on a treatment center he was working for down south.  Normally, Drew can not stand any treatment centers, or their representatives, from South Florida, as it is a hotbed of unethical practice and behavior. But Drew noticed something different in Stephen.  Stephen presented with a love for the helping profession that appeared extremely authentic, especially as related to individuals struggling with substance use disorders, at risk youth, and individuals struggling with their Spirituality.  Drew and Stephen developed a professional and collaborative friendship, but as Drew got to know Stephen more, he became interested in bringing him on the BRIC team as he saw the value he could bring to the population we serve.  Steve continues his day job with a treatment facility, but has recently come aboard BRIC as a Peer Support Specialist and Interventionist for both adults and adolescents. 

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