Beachside Recovery Interventions + Consulting

Welcome to Our Office and Collaborative Space

After entering the field, and being exposed to the dirty and unethical side of the treatment industry, noticing significant gaps in the continuum of care, and identifying a lack of clinically competent therapists and human services professionals in his local area, Drew dreamed of developing a collaborative of ethical and clinically competent individuals with unique assets and strengths to better serve the Brevard and surrounding communities. Additionally, he dreamed of developing a collaborative space in which any mother, father, sister, brother, friend, husband, wife, or individual seeking help for themselves or a loved one, for anything related to substance use and/or mental health, can be helped in this space. 


This dream has finally come to fruition.  Please take a tour of our beautiful space directly across from the Atlantic Ocean in Satellite Beach. On behalf of our team and our co-op partners, we look forward to working with you or your loved one. 

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