Drew D. Breznitsky, BA, MA

Masters Level Therapist

Founder | Director of Clinical Operations

Susan Deane, MS, LMHC, LMFT, QS

Qualified Supervisor

Licensed Supervision Consultant

As stated in the "Meet the Founder" section, Drew started his journey in behavioral health unknowingly as an adolescent struggling with his own mental health, behavioral health, and substance use.  Throughout his childhood and adolescence, Drew experienced significant challenges with depression, anxiety, trauma, alcohol, and self-harm.  After fighting these demons for many years and experiencing countless interactions with the legal system, Drew made a decision to go to residential treatment at the Phoenix House, in Ocala, Florida. 

While at the Phoenix House, Drew enrolled in classes at the College of Central Florida where he earned an Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology.  Subsequent to obtaining his AA, Drew enrolled with Saint Leo University and completed a dual Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Human Services and was awarded the "Most Resilient" honor by his graduating class and faculty. Upon graduation, Drew simultaneously secured a position as a Bachelor's Level Therapist with the Phoenix House, the same treatment center he once attended as a patient.  


After moving on from his experiences with the Phoenix House, Drew moved on to work for the second-largest medication-assisted treatment center in the country, where he specialized in Opioid Use Disorder. During his time with New Season Quad County, Drew was chosen by his company to go to Tallahassee and lobby for opioid funds handed down by Governor Rick Scott and was also featured on a CBS News special covering the Opioid Epidemic. It was during this time that Drew developed an increasing interest in Opioid Use Disorder and the epidemic disrupting our society. 

While working at the Methadone Clinic, Drew worked toward completing his Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy and completed his practicum with Urban Counseling, a private mental health and family practice in Ocala, Florida. During this time, Drew gained a significant amount of experience in family systems theory, marriage and family counseling, play therapy, sand tray therapy, and child and adolescent counseling. 

Drew soon moved into a position as Program Director and Primary Therapist for a new startup PHP/IOP treatment center in Cocoa Beach, Florida, called Peace Club. It is here where Drew found his passion to give back to his local community by providing quality mental health and substance use treatment services. During his time at Peace Club and after, Drew noticed significant gaps in the continuum of care, specifically with regard to the criminal justice system and with regard to families and adolescents. It is during this time that Beachside Recovery Interventions + Consulting was born. 

Drew completed his final internship with Agape Therapy Institute, a private mental health practice in Orlando, Florida. This is also where Drew met Susan Deane, who took an interest in Drew's cause and came aboard the BRIC team as Licensed Supervision Consultant.  During this time, Drew began working very closely with the criminal justice system in mental health and substance use-related criminal justice reform.  He was awarded the Pastor Mark Swallow Service Award by the Brevard Chapter of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Drew went on to move into a Program Director and Primary Therapist role for a new startup Detox and Residential facility, St Johns Recovery Place, in Crescent City, Florida. During this time, Drew continued to grow BRIC and work toward community collaboration with a goal to build a cohort of ethical and qualified individuals to help his local community.

Drew recently returned to Peace Club where he is currently Director of Clinical Operations and Primary Therapist while simultaneously running BIRC. Drew serves as co-chair of the Brevard County Opioid Task Force Treatment Subcommittee. He recently graduated from Webster University with a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy.

In his spare time, Drew enjoys spending time with his wife, Carmen, children Kylie and Evan, and doggie Nixon. When able, Drew enjoys surfing, traveling, getting tattooed, and going to punk rock shows.

Dr. Laurie Paquette, Ph.D., QS

Licensed Psychologist

Psychological Evaluations Consultant

Dr. Paquette has been practicing in the mental health field for over 23 years.  She delivers a unique and customized approach when working with various problems to help maximize therapeutic benefits and healing.  Areas of expertise include trauma, grief/loss, foster care and adoption, children’s behavioral and emotional issues, parenting struggles and women’s issues. She utilizes a strength-based approach, finding you or your child’s strengths and building on these while addressing the problem areas. Dr. Paquette utilizes a variety of techniques such as art therapy, emotion-focused, therapeutic workbooks, and parenting interventions, to individualize care for her patients.

Dr. Paquette joined Beachside Recovery Interventions + Consulting after coming highly recommended by many colleagues in the field. Dr. Paquette's main area of focus with BRIC is meeting with patients who may require more intensive psychological evaluation including MMPI's and other psychological assessments.


When she is not helping out with BRIC, Dr. Paquette spends her time running her own independent practice, spending time with family, and enjoying time as a newlywed.   

Steven Ellis

Adult and Adolescent Substance Use Disorders

Interventions | Peer Support Specialist

Steve was born in Miami and has lived in Florida his whole life. Steve started using and abusing drugs at the age of eleven and found himself using daily by the time he was a junior in high school.  Steve attributes his sobriety and journey in recovery to finding Narcotics Anonymous (NA) at the age of thirty-four. Since finding NA, Steve has been clean from all mood and mind altering substances for seven years.


Steve is passionate about helping the sick and suffering in any way possible. He remains active in his local homegroup and sponsors men in recovery. Steve started a path to Buddhism through his recovery, and believes in meditation and maintaining a positive mental attitude.  Steve believes in a community approach to treatment and recovery and remains open to any collaborative process in the best interest of the client. 


Steve is a Cocoa Beach local and spends his days working as a structural contractor in Brevard County. On the weekends, Steve manages a local men's recovery residence and values the time he gets to spend with the men in recovery.


Steve is a father end enjoys spending time with his children, family, and friends. Additionally, in his free time, Steve is a die-hard Miami fan and enjoys going to football games, going to the beach, and hanging out with his dog.   


Christopher J. Kiesel, BA, MS

Special Investigations

Private Investigator

Chirs is often credited by Drew, the Founder of BRIC, as the unofficial founder/brainchild of Beachside Recovery Interventions + Consulting. Drew and Chris met when Drew was working a mundane and unfulfilling, albeit experientially valuable, job as a Clinical Outreach Coordinator for a now-defunct treatment center. Drew walked into a local law firm and attempted marketing the treatment center to Chris, who inquired a bit about Drew's story, and replied, "Why the hell are you doing this? You can offer so much more! The community needs you and your story!"  It was at this moment in time that BRIC was born. With Chris' guidance and leadership, Drew began taking jobs and building a network within the 18th Judicial Court. 

Chris maintains a long-standing history and a plethora of experience in the criminal justice field. As a former Deputy Sherriff for the Indian River Sherriff's Office and Licensed Private Investigator/Founder of Coastal Group Investigations, Chris maintains a valuable skill set that can exponentially aid in mental health and substance use investigations and interventions. Chris holds a BA in Criminal Justice and Sociology from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke and an MS in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University.

As a Private Investigator, Chris assists in the acquisition of factual evidence to prove or disprove alleged activities against or for a client, reviews discovery in criminal cases to substantiate law enforcement claims of alleged violations or to discover discrepancies in facts supporting law enforcement, reviews crime scenes and interviews witnesses for corroboration or refutation, conducts criminal background checks to establish credibility or for impeachment purposes, and conducts surveillance operations to record activities of targeted individuals for use in civil proceedings. Additionally, Chris is skilled at reconstructing crime and accident scenes for use in trial and AT FAULT determination in civil cases and guilt phase of criminal trials.
He aids in the reconstruction of defendant, victim, witness, and subject location and action, and reproduces body position at the time and location of impact or injury in all cases.


Chris, widely known in the community and among colleagues by his alias, "Truth Serum," is a purveyor of truth for clients to enable informed decision making in the determination of future consequences.

When he is not helping out on cases, Chris enjoys spending time at his cabin in North Carolina, hanging out with his doggies, spending time with his children, running, working out at the gym, and spending quality time with friends. 

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Susan is a Florida native.  Her journey toward mental health and wellness began when she was a young girl in middle school when she took an interest in learning about psychology.  In high school, Susan attended Miami Senior High School's secondary education teaching magnet program and then attended Florida International University where she majored in Women's Studies and minored in English Literature and Psychology for her undergraduate studies.  At this time, Susan had a strong interest in the social sciences and advocating for cultural diversity and equality.  Out of college, Susan went to work for a nonprofit organization in Miami that focused on violence prevention and mentoring at-risk youth in inner-city schools.

In 2010, Susan pursued a graduate degree at Barry University in Mental Health Counseling and Marital, Couples and Family Therapy.  During her time there, she continued to work with at-risk youth and led student organizations, until it came time for her to complete her clinical and internship.  Susan took a turn toward holistic wellness, mindfulness-based practices, and health psychology, and completed her internship with the Cancer Support Community of Greater Miami.  After earning her master's degree, Susan continued to work with the Cancer Support Community of Greater Miami.  She also worked as an Adjunct Professor in social sciences at Miami Dade College, a therapist at a residential eating disorder treatment center, and as an outpatient therapist.

In 2014, Susan moved to Orlando and worked at the University of Central Florida's Marriage & Family Research Institute under a federal grant program.  When the grant study ended, Susan returned to outpatient counseling practice and in 2016, Susan founded the nonprofit organization, Agape Therapy Institute.  Since 2016, Susan has focused her efforts on growing Agape Therapy Institute's counseling services for the community and establishing a training program for counseling graduate students in training and post-graduate counseling interns under supervision.  Being able to help people and make a difference in the community is Susan's passion.

In Susan's spare time, she likes to spend quality time with her family and friends, and her dog, Jeffrey.  She also enjoys reading non-fiction books about wellness, exercising and practicing mindfulness and yoga.  













Kylie Quidgeon

Student Intern

Executive Assistant

Kylie is a sophomore at Satellite High School in Satellite Beach, Florida, where she maintains a 3.7 GPA and is active in extracurricular activities such as varsity cheer. Kylie developed an interest in criminal defense and legal studies at the age of thirteen. Most recently, at the age of fifteen, Kylie has developed an interest in forensic psychology and investigative journalism. Although she is not quite sure which specific direction she wants to take, she has narrowed her career path to these similar areas of interest. 

Kylie joined Beachside Recovery Interventions + Consulting as Executive Assistant in the Summer of 2020. Her primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to, researching and gathering information from the clerk of courts for our patients experiencing mental health and substance use-related interaction with the legal system, completing applications for treatment centers on behalf of our patients, coordinating care with therapists, treatment providers, and attorneys, and other various case management needs. 


When she is not increasing her knowledge of legal studies and psychology through her work, Kylie enjoys hanging out with friends, going to the beach, spending time with family, practicing cheer, working out, and playing with her doggie, Nixon. 

Reece Connor

Adolescent Substance Use Disorders

Interventions | Peer Support Specialist

Reece, a Melbourne, Florida native, has a story beginning in his 7 th grade year when he started casually using drugs with friends. That quickly escalated into using drugs alone to self-medicate anxiety and depression while also isolating from family and friends. After a Baker Act for suicidal ideation (including one attempt), failing grades, skipping classes, faked drug screens and stealing from his parents, the full extent of his abuse came to light and Reece completed inpatient residential rehab.


While he was away, Reece’s mom heard Drew speak on a podcast and arranged for Reece to begin working with him upon his release. Reece believes acknowledging mental health issues is where the real power is and where the change starts. Honesty and openness – with yourself and others -- are vital for sobriety and living the best life that comes with it. He is grateful for the opportunity to share with others and also for the opportunity to be someone to listen.

Doug Monda

Special Investigations

First Responder Interventions | Investigator

Doug is the Founder of Survive First, Inc. and has a long-standing history in law enforcement.  He retired from law enforcement as an undercover narcotics agent with the Cocoa Police Department, a city in Brevard County, Florida in 2017.  He began his career in public safety in 2001.  In his second year of service, Doug joined the S.W.A.T. team, and subsequently attended Marine Scout Sniper Training, earning his certification with Blackwater. He spent 15 years on the Cocoa Police Department S.W.A.T. team.  During his service on S.W.A.T., his experience as a sniper and team leader played a critical role in the safety of teammates and the success of countless missions.


During his career, Doug has also worked with agencies consisting of D.E.A., F.B.I., ATF, Border Patrol, U.S. Marshalls Office, Department of Homeland Security and NASA. Doug’s training has earned him extraordinary success in the field.  Recently, he was named 2016 Officer of the Year.  Additionally, throughout his career, he earned many other awards for his hard work and dedication to the City of Cocoa.


In 2013, Doug’s own mental health became impacted from his long career in law enforcement.  His own experience with treatment for PTSD, depression, and attempted suicide was the catalyst that drove the founding of Survive First Foundation.  


Doug is now a national keynote speaker. He speaks on the impacts of a first responder's job on mental health and family.  His mission is to spread awareness of PTSD, depression, and suicide in first responders, hoping to break the stigma, so that help may be received before it is too late. In his spare time, Doug enjoys spending time with his family, surfing and competing in the sport of triathlon. He has competed in the national and world championships and is a four-time Ironman triathlon finisher. Doug was a former professional soccer player and coached several teams for the YMCA, as well as youth and high school soccer teams.  He currently serves as a board member for the YMCA of Cocoa and chairs their Youth Scholarship Fund.

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