Consultation for Treatment Centers and Facilities


The BRIC team maintains a variety of experience in clinical development, program development, licensure and certification, accreditation, grant writing, and development of 501(c)(3) organizations. Members of the BRIC team have been responsible for writing clinical programming for private partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment facilities, obtaining DCF licensure for private partial hospitalization and intensive outpatient treatment facilities, obtaining FARR Levels 1-4 certification for credible and reputable recovery residences, and development of credible and thriving non-profit 501 (c)(3) organizations.


We would be happy to discuss helping you with your next project!


Consultation for Appropriateness of Care


The BRIC team is available for contracting to assess for appropriateness of clinical services, interventions, and recovery residences.  We have worked directly with recovery residences to assess if potential clients are appropriate to transition into sober living environments with the goal of maintaining the safety and integrity of the recovery residence and its population.


We would be happy to meet with your potential residents to pre-screen for an appropriate and healthy transition into sober living!


Family Consultation 


We at BRIC know personally how difficult it is to witness a loved one struggling with substance use and mental health disorders. It can be a frustrating and emotionally draining process to witness your loved one actively destroying their lives through substance abuse.  Moreover, it can be disheartening to not know what to do to help them in a time of mental or emotional turmoil.  Family members and loved ones often experience guilt and shame associated with the inability to help their loved ones begin to rewrite their stories. You are not alone, this is common among all individuals and families experiencing similar situations.  


Let's talk about it. Let's begin to explore the steps necessary to appropriately help your loved one to begin to rewrite their story!