Client Testimonials

"After being addicted to opiates for 15 years I found a methadone treatment center and I was given a new counselor, his name was Drew.  Right away I knew I could relate to him. He began to build a real treatment plan with me and at first, I was a bit skeptical if I could even complete some of the things on the list but as we began to work together, sure enough, we began checking things off one by one. My life is so much better because of it. I’m so thankful I met him because he really helped me to start believing in myself. I now have my anger in control, I’m abstinent from drugs and quit smoking cigarettes as well. Thanks so much, Drew, I couldn’t have done it without you."   Mike B - Ocala, Florida

"I would highly recommend Drew and BRIC. Drew has just started working with a close family member and I'm amazed at the work he has done in a short amount of time. Drew is a wealth of information, is kind, compassionate and goes above and beyond! Drew even made himself available on Christmas Day to help with an issue. Not only does he work closely with the client, but he is also always ready and willing to help the family members as well."  Jackie S. - Cocoa Beach, Florida

"I CANNOT begin to explain the amazing & wonderful things that I have had the opportunity to experience because of Drew and Beachside Recovery! Drew really takes the time to get to know you and your needs. He's extremely informative and an amazing advocate.. The amount of information he has is impeccable. He stays on top of and up to date on all areas of where you're at on your road to recovery.
I am extremely grateful that there are people like Drew who really care and who really understand. Thank you so much!!!"  

Lauren M. - Merritt Island, Florida

"Drew is an exceptional clinician full of knowledge and empathy for his clients and their families!! Beachside Recovery Interventions + Consulting starts at the beginning of a client’s journey toward recovery and follows them through the duration towards their goals of regaining a successful life free of their addictions. I cannot put into words how thankful I am that our family was able to have the guidance and resources provided by BRIC. The compassion, patience, and perseverance Drew displays for not only his clients but also their families is immeasurable! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for serving our community and the saving lives of beloved family members and individuals suffering from mental health issues and addictions!" Ashley D. - Orlando, Florida

"Drew is so awesome.....he gets it done. I would recommend Drew to anyone going through a difficult time. He not only handles the patient care aspect but fills in the blanks with the family!"  

Tom N. - Palm Bay, Florida

"I wanted to take a minute to express my gratitude to Drew and BRIC for giving me hope in humanity again, thank you is not enough to describe what he deserves for picking up a desperate, desolate woman and showing her that there is a better way, that we can recover. Thank you, Drew a million times over."   Becky H - Michigan

"Although the legal system wasn't involved, when our teenage son was discharged from inpatient drug rehab we had zero idea of what to do next or where to turn. We were terrified to bring him home. Through a friend's podcast, we heard Drew tell his story and immediately knew that he was the answer we had been praying for. He has worked with our son since his discharge in April and it is without hesitation that we know Drew is one of the most integral parts of Reece's continued recovery, sobriety and improved mental health. Not only has Drew been available for Reece, but he has worked tirelessly with our whole family to get us on track and moving forward in the right direction. Sometimes it is like herding cats, but he doesn't give up even when we want to. He is the man with a plan and a wealth of knowledge and experience. Either as individuals or as a family, areas that need additional attention are addressed and dealt with because Drew's network and vast involvement in the mental health and treatment community provides resources that are nearly impossible for most of us to find or even know where to start to look. Addiction and mental health aren't just about one person sick and suffering. It is fair to say that we do not know where our family would be without Drew's involvement and we are forever grateful that he agreed to be part of our team on the road to recovery."  

Kim C. - Melbourne, Florida

"I usually don’t write reviews but this company certainly deserves my time to do this. First let me say Drew and his staff is so compassionate and understanding. They let you know you are not alone and they are here for you and your family. They listen to all of us and develop a plan gave us all our options but helped us choose the one that will help my son the most and fits what he needed. They have gave me peace of mind. They alway respond back to us. I feel that thier company is a great asset to people and is much needed! I recommend them 100%"  Debra C. -  Ocala, Florida

"I highly recommend, Drew at Beachside Recovery. He is extremely professional and competent."  Aimee W. - Satellite Beach, Florida

"I just wanted to say thank you, and let you know that I am working the program. I can't begin to express my appreciation for what you have helped me do. Without your help and encouragement, none of this would have been possible. The amount of personal change that has occurred in the last 3 months have had a tremendous impact on my life. I for once have hope for a positive and fulfilling future. I have been given a chance to reinvent myself and begin building the person whom I want to be. I am no longer held captive by my past. Thank you." Dylan R. - Ocala, Florida