BRIC Collaborative Agreement

Who We Are


BRIC is an empathic, driven, and powerful collaborative of both clinical and non-clinical professionals passionate about helping others to connect with ethical and credible resources for themselves and/or their loved ones. We are passionate about recovery, mental health, and breaking the social stigma attached to behavioral health.  We are a catalyst for change and are here to aid clients on their journey to rewrite their stories. From intervention, throughout treatment, to aftercare and referral for ancillary services, we are here to walk with you, side by side, throughout your journey of recovery and mental and emotional healing. We are interventionists, consultants, and peer support specialists motivated by helping our clients to foster and grow emotional resilience to become empowered for change. 



What We Are NOT


First and foremost, we are NOT a treatment facility nor are we a private substance abuse or mental health counseling practice. Although clinicians are a component of our experientially diverse team, we do not provide clinical treatment/counseling services to our clients in the traditional sense. Our clinical team is here to maintain ethical standards and provide credibility to what we do. We do not derive any income from any source other than our clients. We do not maintain financial relationships with any of our referral sources and denounce any and all types of behavior consistent with such unethical practices.  We are here to break the stigma, not perpetuate it. We are not a web-based referral service or call center.  Lastly, we are most certainly not comparable to anyone in the industry, rather we pride ourselves on individuality.  


The Collaborative Process

Much like the therapeutic rapport among patient and therapist in treatment, the relationship between interventionist, consultant, and peer support specialist and their client is a relationship that is collaborative in nature. This means that our team must be able to work efficiently and effectively with you, your loved one, and your family/support systems. Therefore, we ask just a few things from our clients if and when they elect to engage us in the process of seeking effective case conceptualization and case management throughout the continuum of care. Upon hire, we ask that you please agree to the following expectations:


1) STAY ALIVE - Your life is worth living and you have a purpose. Asking for help is the first and most monumental step in this process. Therefore, we ask that you value yourself as much as our team values your life. We ask that you seek out friends and family for accountability and safety to mitigate the potential for harmful or destructive behaviors while seeking and engaging in appropriate care.    


2) FOLLOW CLINICAL RECOMMENDATIONS - Although we are not a treatment center or private substance/mental health practice, we will most likely make recommendations throughout the collaborative process that are in the best interest of the client. These recommendations are just that, recommendations. They are made to facilitate and execute an appropriate plan to address any presenting problems our clients are experiencing.


3) BE HONEST - Transparency is imperative to this process. As advocates, we must be able to thoroughly understand exactly what is going on to be able to address the presenting problems appropriately and effectively. We are not here to judge, and never would. In fact, it is likely that at least one, if not many of our team has been in a similar situation. Help us help you by exhibiting honesty and transparency throughout our collaborative relationship. 


4) COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY - Answer the phone, return calls, and return emails. Effective and timely communication is extremely important throughout this process. As we will do our best to be available for you and your loved ones, we need you to be available for us.  Without this effective communication, the process can become convoluted and difficult to navigate.


5) RESPECT YOURSELF AND OUR TEAM - Negative self-talk only perpetuates distorted thinking patterns associated with addictive pathology and can result in continued destructive behaviors. We know it is extremely difficult, but do your best to stay positive, we are here for you!

In addition, please respect our team. Abusive and/or escalated language, physical threats, and/or destructive behaviors toward any member of the BRIC team will not be tolerated and could result in termination of the collaborative relationship and forfeit of payment. Lastly, we are here for you and your family, please respect boundaries throughout the collaborative process.   


* Any disrespect toward staff including, but not limited to, verbal disrespect, physical harm,  harassment, lack of communication, non-payment of fees, and/or blatant disregard for clinical recommendations may result in termination of the collaborative agreement without refund. Additionally, behavioral health outcomes are not guaranteed, and therefore all fees are non-refundable. 



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