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Forensic Evaluations + Expert Witness Services

Qualified Expert Witness in Substance Use and Mental Health Assessment and Treatment Services

Drew D. Breznitsky, MA, has been qualified as an Expert Witness in substance use and mental health assessment and treatment services throughout the 2nd and 19th, 18th, 13th, 7th, and 5th Judicial Courts of Florida.  Drew works collaboratively with private attorneys, the Public Defenders Office, the Office of Regional Conflict, and other litigators throughout Central Florida toward mental health and substance use-related criminal justice reform.  Drew and the team at Beachside Recovery meet with patient candidates experiencing substance use and mental health-related interaction with the legal system, both in and out of custody, to determine appropriateness for care and individualized case conceptualization.  Subsequent to evaluation and case conceptualization, our team works collaboratively with attorneys and the state to help mitigate sentencing to include appropriate, person-centered, ASAM criteria consistent treatment through expert testimony.

Drew and the team pride themselves on their ability to ethically assess potential patients' appropriateness for care and differentiate the actual "drug dealers" from those being victimized by individuals selling dangerous and illegal narcotics to those actually struggling with valid substance use disorders. Drew has developed a credible reputation with both State Attorneys and Judges throughout the Central Florida Region and is known for his integrity, ethical assessments and testimony. 

Drew has helped to assess and place hundreds of patients in appropriate person-centered treatment over incarceration since the inception of Beachside Recovery Interventions + Consulting.  We are proud to say that the overwhelming majority of these patients have successfully completed treatment as well as their obligations to the court and remain clean and sober to this day.

If you or a loved one are experiencing true substance use and/or mental health-related interaction with the legal system, we can help through collaboration with our community partners in the legal field.


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